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Radiant Floor Heating in Lancaster PA

Mel's Heater Services LLC is happy to offer their radiant floor heating in Lancaster PA, Chester PA, Philadelphia PA, and surrounding areas. There are many advantages to Radiant Floor heating that other heaters don't. Radiant Floors turn your floor into one big area radiator. After installation your floor becomes a heated surface that directly and sufficiently heats up your floor within minutes, no matter if it's wood or even a thick concrete. We have EnergyLogic certified technicians that are highly skilled and knowledgeable, they are more than happy to install your Radiant Floor and up keep the little maintenance they require. Here are just a few of the many benefits to radiant floor heating:

- Reduce energy cost
- Little maintenance
- Easily installation, installed by our technicians
- Environmentally friendly
- Virtually eliminates cold drafts through out your home or building
- Outlets can be placed anywhere through out your floor
- Little to no noise or vibrations  

For additional information on how to save money on heating, or to purchase one of our Energy Logic waste oil heaters, Radiant Floor heating or MacroAir Fans, call Mel's Heater Service today at 717-768-3509.


air-heated radiant floor lancaster pa

Baxi technology regulates the modulation of the burner flame - a key contributor to Baxi high energy efficiency.



gas boiler lancaster pa

Mel's Heater offers gas boilers that are energy efficient and realiable. A gas boiler offers the most energy efficient heating and hot water systems available.



hydronic radiant floor chester pa

Hydronic Radiant Floor heating is a floor heating system that uses hot water as a medium to deliver heat where it is needed.



heated floors in lancaster pa

The Radiant Floor heating system is compatible with all types of floor styles and layouts. This system is more energy and cost efficient than any other heating system.



radiant panel heating chester pa

Heating a shop or a business with radiant panels is energy efficient, offers a silent heating delivery system, reduces allergens and offers fast deliver of your heat to even the largest rooms.



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We offer Radiant Floor Heating in Lancaster PA, Chester PA, Delaware PA, Berks PA, Philadelphia PA, and the surrounding areas. Save on cost and energy while heating up your home or business.


Radiant Floor Heating has proven itself within many commercial buildings and industry related structures. Mel's Heater Service is happy to offer a free consultation to review the exact needs of your project.

For more information on Mel's heater services, including Energy Logic waste oil heaters, Radiant Floor heating or MacroAir Fans, call 717-768-3509 or visit our Contact Us page.