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Waste Oil Heating Services

Waste Oil Heaters

Mel's Heater offers waste oil heaters in Lancaster PA, Chester PA and the surrounding area. These heaters and boilers have many advantages over any other types of heating systems. Using waste oil is cost efficient, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Waste oil burns clean and uses less oil than regular oil does.

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Radiant Floor

We offer all radiant floor heating services and products that supply heat directly to the floor or to panels in the wall, heating up your shop or business in no time at all. Radiant floor heating is more efficient than baseboard heating and forced air heating because it eliminates the duct losses.

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MacroAir Fan

MacroAir Fans are more suitable for factories and commercial building use. They Have 6 blades that generate a large amount of air that gently flows down and outward 360 degrees. Even though the MacroAir fan is large and uses 6 blades it is unbelievably quiet and reduces the noise level.

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Why Our Services

waste oil heater delaware paMel’s Heater Service LLC offers waste oil heaters and furnaces that are cost efficient, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and are more efficient overall compared to any other heating system.

We also offer sales, installation and service, on all the products we sell. Our products, including Radiant Floor heating, are high quality products that will save you money and keep your shop or business heated during the cold winter months.

Mel’s Heater Services provide EnergyLogic certified skilled technicians that are always happy to install your heater and answer any questions. We are a family owned business that has been specializing in waste oil heaters since 1990. We started this company from the bottom and built it to the top based on the belief that our customers always come first.

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